Sharing with you some thoughts...

Hi All, 
Do you know the feeling of being so hungry to write? i do coz i am really so so so hungry to write and write and write.
i miss expressing my feelings , thoughts and discuss new trends and some serious topics.
Today I realize that I love being a publisher or a writer and asked myself what is holding me back! I wondered why life sometimes takes us so far from our passion and hobbies, how it create a lazy personalities that can’t sit and focus on one thing we love. J
I want all of you to encourage me to be back to write to share experiences and stories with all of you out there.  How about suggesting topics of the  week for example?! 
Being in mid of January make me realize how time slept so fast under our own shoes. I want 2014 to be different in all means so lets hope it will be.

I will share some pictures with you as flashback of 2013, there were bad and good memories,,,

                                                 42 National Day love it …..
                                                     Enjoying Eid in  Dubai Mall
                                     my niece  Shouq love her under the rain in Exeter

                                                   My niece  and nephew funny faces i love them

                                   UAE - Dubai you get it -EXPO 2020 yes yes yes

                              My GrandFather Death - till today i can't believe he is gone :(
         Being in UK make me feel so so good

Finally Love Allah .. every one will LOVE, forever ..  express your love don't let go , never...


In the end of 2013.. what i really wish?

Dear All,
How i miss you all ? i really feel sad that i stopped writing
i miss many things in life in 2013
i miss my mother
my hobbies
my late grandfather:(
acutely i miss myself :(
I wish i become back as Maya the one you all knew

i wish 2014 will be better

visit this

see you 


2013 What in you for me ?

Dear All, 
How are you all ? miss being here , miss writing for you , miss everything ..
My life had been strange i will summarize what happen in 2012:

- I went to Exeter on July 2012 and back to UAE and back to UK in Eid , it was amazing .
- I will graduate soon , 4 subjects to go .
- I meet great friends , and i lost who once where best friends 
- It was the worse year for me in work but al hamdullelah 
- I bought my new car and i farewell my old beautiful car ,,i miss her ..

2013 :
Start as a wonderful year , i was in Kuwait attending my cousin Weeding.
weather is wow and i love winter clothes and shopping in it 
i lost my best best friend , he is my colleague he died with heart attack while exercising in the GYM i feel so saad  as he is my friend and brother may his soul lay in peace and be in paradise .
Allah Yer7amaaah.
I have a resolutions : 
wana looose 20 K 
wana travel alot 
wana fix my teeth 
wana start a small project with my friend ,inshallah
wana study hard 

i will try to write more here 
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See you sooon 


Connecting Back With You

It had been a looooooong time .. I know but I have been so busy with work and my EMBA – 2012 flies so fast I have been so tired and overload with work and study.
I had been shopping like crazy .. I feel every thing is great and wow in the shops
3 million dollars are not enough J
I felt I want to write and be back to the blog world , so wait for me I will be back and update everyday .
This Summer no travel and this make me so sad but I will try to do something new and enjoy Ramadan in the heat.
See you soon