2013 What in you for me ?

Dear All, 
How are you all ? miss being here , miss writing for you , miss everything ..
My life had been strange i will summarize what happen in 2012:

- I went to Exeter on July 2012 and back to UAE and back to UK in Eid , it was amazing .
- I will graduate soon , 4 subjects to go .
- I meet great friends , and i lost who once where best friends 
- It was the worse year for me in work but al hamdullelah 
- I bought my new car and i farewell my old beautiful car ,,i miss her ..

2013 :
Start as a wonderful year , i was in Kuwait attending my cousin Weeding.
weather is wow and i love winter clothes and shopping in it 
i lost my best best friend , he is my colleague he died with heart attack while exercising in the GYM i feel so saad  as he is my friend and brother may his soul lay in peace and be in paradise .
Allah Yer7amaaah.
I have a resolutions : 
wana looose 20 K 
wana travel alot 
wana fix my teeth 
wana start a small project with my friend ,inshallah
wana study hard 

i will try to write more here 
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See you sooon 


محمد الهاشمي said...

I think ur an amazing person .. just wanted to say that :)

Anonymous said...

thank you mohamed